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Comments, suggestions and inquiries about the DiscoverHover program are always welcome. If your school or organization is currently building a hovercraft, we are especially interested in news articles, press releases, pictures, and information about your project for our web site and newsletter, HoverWorld Insider.

::: Technical questions or concerns about hovercraft construction:

Please send all technical questions about building hovercraft to the Discussion List.
This will allow you to receive advice from the entire worldwide DiscoverHover membership, as well as from individual hovercraft builders, hoverclubs and hovercraft manufacturers.

You may also post technical questions on the DiscoverHover web site's HoverForum

::: General inquiries from instructors, club directors and museums

Chris Fitzgerald,
World Hovercraft Organization

::: Media inquiries, newsletter & website submissions

Public Relations Director/Editor
World Hovercraft Organization

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