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::: Let your imagination take flight

Imagine a world away from your school desk, where ordinary 20th century vehicles like cars and motorcycles seem like the distant past … where you go to class, roll up your sleeves and use 21st century technology to build an amphibious vehicle that will let you fly above the Earth … where you no longer have to search the Internet for information about hovercraft because everything you've ever wanted to know is right there in your hands.

It doesn't have to be imaginary: DiscoverHover can make it real!

As a class or group project, building a hovercraft through the DiscoverHover program puts you in a position to follow the footsteps of great air cushion inventors like Sir Christopher Cockerell of Great Britain and Dr. William Bertelsen of the US. You can build a real flying machine and race it in the real world -- alongside real world champions!

::: Get started now

To join DiscoverHover and build a racing hovercraft as a club or school project, have your instructor, Scout leader or the head of any youth organization you belong to come to our website and register for the program. Or, if you're a student, you can
register now
for DiscoverHover's free hovercraft plans and build a hovercraft on your own. Building a hovercraft is a great middle or high school science fair project. If you're a college or university student, DiscoverHover makes an excellent engineering, technology, electronics or physics project.

Anyone can join DiscoverHover, but the hovercraft plans are free only to students, instructors and youth groups.

To have your DiscoverHover project featured on our web site or in HoverWorld Insider, the World Hovercraft Organization's newsletter, just email PR@WorldHovercraft.org.

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