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The most valuable advice you can receive while building your DiscoverHover One hovercraft will come from other hovercraft builders who have already resolved any technical issues you may be having. DiscoverHover provides two avenues through which you can seek help.

The DiscoverHover Discussion Group is an email list that connects DiscoverHover member schools with each other - and with experienced hovercraft builders as well: hoverclubs, manufacturers, builders, racers and individual hovercraft enthusiasts. This is the perfect place to ask questions and seek help as you build your hovercraft, and will often bring you immediate answers on a daily basis.

The DiscoverHover web site's HoverForum is another arena for you to ask your technical questions or voice any concerns you might have. While the Discussion Group is an email list-serv, you must re-visit the HoverForum to view responses to your questions.

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