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Is your school, university or youth organization looking for a new and unusual challenge? Would you like to build a hovercraft and race it in regional, national and international hovercraft races?

Join the DiscoverHover International School Hovercraft Program and see how learning can soar to new heights!

DiscoverHover provides hovercraft plans at no charge to schools, instructors, youth groups and students of any age (all others must purchase the plans.)

DiscoverHover members have free access to an extensive hovercraft information center, a free email newsletter, and an Advisory Board of some of the world's top hovercraft experts – including the judge of Junkyard Wars Hovercraft and holder of the Hovercraft World Speed Record.

And our HoverForum connects you with DiscoverHover members in more than 44 countries across the world, making this a truly global student-centered cooperative learning project.

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