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We are always eager to feature DiscoverHover hovercraft projects on our web site in the "Featured Schools" and "Hover Workshop" sections.

In addition, we are currently interviewing instructors who would like for the World Hovercraft Organization's newsletter, HoverWorld Insider, to publish a feature story about their school's DiscoverHover experience. HoverWorld Insider is emailed to more than 12,000 subscribers worldwide, so this is an excellent opportunity to receive international publicity for your school.

Submission of your materials can become a class project as you write about your experiences building a hovercraft and take photos. It's also a great way to build student and departmental cooperation by involving your school's journalism, public relations and marketing students.

Having your project featured in these ways also gives you professionally prepared materials to submit to your local and regional newspapers and television stations for even more publicity.

All you need to do is let us know you're interested by contacting:

DiscoverHover Public Relations/Marketing Director

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