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The principle behind today's hovercraft was first demonstrated by Sir Christopher Cockerell in 1955, using a contraption constructed with a cat food can, a coffee can and a set of kitchen scales. Sir Cockerell coined the term "hovercraft."

The hovercraft concept, however, can be traced back to the early 1700's, and ideas for flying machines date back to ancient Greece.

In recent decades, the hovercraft has evolved into a multi-purpose vehicle that saves lives in rescue operations, transports military troops, ferries passengers, and provides a vast array of recreational opportunities such as racing and cruising to people throughout the world.

The history of the hovercraft is a rich one, created by unique individuals with remarkable vision and perseverance. The hovercraft history links below will introduce you to these hovercraft pioneers and to their innovative ideas.

History of the Hovercraft: Neoteric Hovercraft, Inc.
A comprehensive hovercraft history provided by the original light hovercraft manufacturer and participant in the World's First Hovercraft race.

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