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The news articles below capture the popularity of "build a hovercraft" school projects with students, teachers, museums, and the media.

Neoteric Hovercraft Blog, April 23, 2014
Hovercraft makes learning fun at Sarah Scott Middle School
From remote controlled hovercraft, to comedian Gallagher’s “hovering billiard balls”, to actual flights in a Neoteric hovercraft, the students at Sarah Scott Middle School in Terre Haute, IN have discovered that studying can be the most fun thing you can do …

HoverWorld Insider, August 2006
DiscoverHover announces new communication programs
As of August 2006, DiscoverHover membership has increased to more than 1700 instructors and students in 55 nations. In response to member requests, DiscoverHover announces two new programs: a Sister School Program and a Discussion Group …

HoverWorld Insider, March 2006
DiscoverHover expands to 1500 schools in 44 countries
Since September 2003, 1500 schools in 44 nations have joined DiscoverHover, and visits to the web site have increased to more than 170,000 per month …

HoverWorld Insider, March 2006
School hovercraft programs open up the world
Does the positive impact of school hovercraft programs end with graduation? Adults who built hovercraft in high school hovercraft programs say the benefits are life-long …

HoverWorld Insider, April 2005
Learning Takes Flight
Students and educators across the world comment on the DiscoverHover program. Full review of individual schools, with photos ... DiscoverHover news and updates ... register now for "Hovercraft as a Teaching Tool"...

Campus Connection, May 4 2004
ISU Students build DiscoverHover Hovercraft
Indiana State University’s Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) and Society of Automotive Engineer (SAE) have teamed up to build a DiscoverHover hovercraft. The students hope to enter a few races in the fall of 2004. With encouragement from Chris Fitzgerald, founder of the World Hovercraft Organization…

Hovernews, May/June 2003
High school returns to hovercraft scene
Terre Haute North Vigo High School builds another hovercraft … Terre Haute North was the first high school in the DiscoverHover One school hovercraft project and has produced students who are now international hovercraft racers…

Hovernews, Mar/Apr 2003
HoverChair at the Air Fair
DiscoverHover organizers and their HoverChair appear with the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds and the U.S. Army Parachute Troop at the Terre Haute Air Fair … HoverChair becomes a permanent exhibit at the Children's Science and Technology Museum of Terre Haute…

Tribune-Star, 20 Aug. 2002
Kids take turns riding in child-sized hovercraft
A working hovercraft is the newest exhibit at the Children's Science and Technology Museum of Terre Haute … Display introduces children to hovercraft technology and "teaches them a bit about physics."

Tribune-Star, 30 Jan. 1996
Hovercraft takes road trip
Students say school hovercraft project "has created many opportunities for future endeavors – it's a great project!" The students competed in a Hovercraft Club of America race in June …

Tribune-Star, 20 Jan. 1996
North, South bury hatchet for hovercraft
High schools look past rivalry to help each other in a cooperative learning school hovercraft project … teacher says it not only teaches them how to build a hovercraft, but gives them hands-on learning experience and teaches problem solving skills … Students race their craft at the Midwest District Hovercraft Race …

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