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6 April 2009
Thank you so much for all of the helpful links.�I found great information and photos to use along with my model for my project.�The town Science Fair was on April 4. It was divided into grade levels and�I won first place for 5th grade.�It was my first entry into a science fair and I am looking forward to next year.� Thank you again for your help.

19 February 2009
I am a 5th grader at the Chapman Middle School in� Massachusetts.�I am doing a Science Fair project on Hovercraft - how they work, the many types and uses, and building a�working model.�I wanted�to know if you have a� promotional catalog and/or dvd you could send me to use in my presentation.�Thank you for any help you can give� me.

Jason Gilbert
Chapman Middle School
Weymouth, Massachusetts USA

This experience has been very valuable to my education. To be honest, school hadn't really interested me until the start of year 10, but building the DiscoverHover One gave my interest for school a real boost. I'm a year 11 student and worked on the Wantirna College Technology Club's hovercraft project year 10. Now that our first craft has been constructed and so many new people have joined the project, I have been appointed Team Leader.

Wantirna College building hovercraft
Tom Burridge (left) and Wantirna College Tech Club members set the rudders on the thrust duct of their DiscoverHover One.
The DiscoverHover project really was more of an experience than a project and can't be compared to any other project I've been involved in. In our school's technology subjects our projects have been limited to little electronic and motorized devices. This project, however, was very different. First and foremost was the fact that we are building life-sized hovercraft with real engines that we can actually pilot. It's a REAL project and is very exciting to be involved in.

I quite enjoyed the later stages of construction where we could see the project taking shape and really believe in what we were doing. We had a special morning on the school oval where we were given the opportunity to have a first drive. Many of us agree that it was the best thing we have done in recent years. I have never had so much fun!

Wantirna College hovercraft project
Wantirna College's DiscoverHover One nears completion.
We had a lot of interested sponsors provide us with money and parts, so this is a project that would be feasible for most schools. We're building a new craft before I finish year 12. I plan to join the Hoverclub of Victoria, and I'm definitely interested in racing hovercraft. Later this year we will have opportunities to race other schools in our region, but I would love to race on a broader sale. International racing will be a cool thing to do, and will really show how well the program worked for Wantirna College.

The DiscoverHover project has been by far the highlight of my time at secondary school and I'm looking forward to further adventures with the program.

Tom Burridge
Wantirna College
Victoria, Australia

To learn more about the Wantirna College DiscoverHover program, see Featured Schools: Wantirna College and Comments from Educators

Building the hovercraft last year in Mike Naughton's Tech II class at Cary-Grove High School was an unforgettable experience. I learned so much about the physics involved, and how to tie that into building the actual hovercraft. And I experienced blueprint reading, fiberglassing, problem solving, teamwork and leadership skills.

Cary Grove hovercraft project
Ryan Marsel with Mr. Ragan on Crystal Lake for the maiden voyage of last year's hovercraft.

I also had my first experience with the business world when raising funds for the craft. I gave a presentation to the President, Ron Ragan, and the Vice President of Genesis Medical Imaging, Inc. in Huntley, IL. They loved the idea and donated $1000 to the project, so we owe them a lot of credit.

Building the craft gave me opportunities that many students couldn't dream of. All of these helped me to enroll in the number one Aerospace Engineering school in the world. I'm attending Embry Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach, FL, as an Aerospace Engineering major. Taking Mr. Naughton's Technology Education classes helped open my mind to this field. The students here think my high school hovercraft project is awesome and wish they could experience that.

In early May I will be heading home for summer break and helping out at the high school whenever Mr. Naughton is working on the two new hovercraft they're building this year. I would love to see Cary-Grove become even more involved with hovercraft; it feels great to be able to say that I was a part of it. It will be great if I am able to take my Aerospace Engineering degree and work in the hovercraft field.

Ryan Marsel
Embry Riddle Aeronautical University
Daytona Beach, Florida USA

To learn more about Cary-Grove's hovercraft program, see Featured Schools: Cary-Grove and Comments from Educators

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